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Videoconferencing/Teleconferencing Service

Videoconferencing/Teleconferencing technology link the Corporate Conference Center and you to domestic and global sites. Along with the technology necessary for videoconferencing/teleconferencing complete service is available to guide you step by step to meet your conference goals.

Video Conferencing

Single-point or multiple-point videoconferencing service is available in every room of the Conference Center. This service can be used to:

  • interview job candidates at distance locations
  • have a speaker at a distance location address a local group or
  • meetings with groups at various locations

Videoconferencing connections in all rooms allow the high-speed interchange of voice/audio and data.


Teleconferences can be easily originated or received at The Corporate Conference Center. Complete up-link and down-link connections provide input or output video, audio and data from every room in the Conference Center. Also a complete teleconference production service from script writing through rehearsals, production and post production can be provided as required.

Please contact:

Frank DiBella
General Manager