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Client Comments

Our employees viewed their training as an enhancement for their job and own personal interest... Training helped change our culture, and people were eager to be part of this change. As a result of their increased skills and knowledge, production went up 10% and revenues increased by 20%.

Martha Asinobi, Human Resource Manager
Medicia Corporation

Our company was able to enhance our competitiveness to remain in the market... The training helped with job retention. Our company has progressed from a paper office to a computer-dominated one.

The software developers and engineers took a series of high-end programming courses... Because of their new skills, we were able to develop a product that has enhanced our sales potential greatly.

The sales force and the internal training and services department for our customers now have the skills to do more effective presentations... All of these factors helped our company bounce back and grow so we were able to maintain our workforce.

Mark Carlos, Vice President
Physical Acoustics Corporation (on completion of a Workforce Development Grant)

Our instructor was without a doubt one of the best teachers I've ever had. Her enthusiasm was infectious! The whole class was impressed with her professionalism and teaching methods. There were even whoops and gasps at one point during the class, I was ready to start clapping! Through the use of examples the teacher made the information more effective and easier to comprehend.

Sue Rumer, Administrative Assistant
JDS Uniphase